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Spurce trading company

We have been with you since the 70s!

The products we offer!

Printing essentials

All kinds of foreign compounds, All kinds of pantone compounds, Types of Iranian compounds

After printing

Types of matte and glossy thermal cellophane, gold and silver metallized cellophane, Velvet and patterned cellophane


Bush is competent with Mahek, Propeller pressure bushing, Letterpress chain claw


All lithographic emergence drugs, Refrigerator and processor filters, Austerlon under Zing

Every printed product, footprint of fir

Today and in the current position of Sanobar business, we have to admit that during the last three years, very difficult and exhausting days were faced by all of us due to economic problems, union restrictions and comprehensive foreign sanctions. But thanks to the patience and perseverance that has been given to us by God and thanks to the encouraging support of the people of the publishing industry, we will achieve our goals one after another stronger than ever and according to the promise we made until the end of this We will adhere to the endless path.

Direct import

Direct importer from Germany

Yuna's representative in Iran

Sanobar is the official representative of Yuna in Iran

Direct import from Germany

We have been with you since the seventies!

The seventies were the decade of birth and growth for many of today’s powerful businesses. Even though Sanobar was not known by this name at that time, her first efforts to appear and build a place in the publishing market started from the same decade. Maybe at the beginning of the journey, no one thought that a new business that was being formed based on the hard work and continuous efforts of its trustees would one day be able to overcome the small and big shadows that surrounded it. to rise and continue its activities in Iran alongside the most powerful names in the field of publishing.

More than 2 decades of activity

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