From the bottom to the top of spruce

A seed that turned into a young sapling and a strong tree in the heart of this soil.

The seventies were the decade of birth and growth for many of today's powerful businesses. Even though Sanobar was not known by this name at that time, his first efforts to appear and build a place in the publishing market started from the same decade. Maybe at the beginning of the journey, no one thought that a new business that was being formed based on the hard work and continuous efforts of its trustees would one day be able to overcome the small and big shadows that surrounded it. to rise and continue its activities in Iran alongside the most powerful names in the field of publishing.

In any case, the beginning of any business is full of fear and hope, and the challenges in the highly competitive printing and publishing market are troublesome in all periods and according to the situation of every newcomer. The experience changed and the seed that was breathing in the soil gave its place to a young sapling with strong roots. Now the time of dynamism and growth had arrived and the passage of time of this teacher of the era had selected from among all the companions of this path, those who had been in sync during the early difficult days and on the path of sprouting the poplar, and in the mid-eighties, finally, the reward of patience and Their hard work was the official introduction of Nobar brand to the market.

Establishing the company and starting a focused activity in the field of importing printed materials
Changes within the organization and the emergence of the Sobar brand and official activity under the name of this brand
Focusing on studying the needs of the market and forming a think tank to provide the basis for cooperation with overseas companies
Signing a memorandum of cooperation and obtaining an import agency for Spruce thermal cellophane
Obtaining the first representation from the German Unai company and introducing the products of this brand to the Iranian market
The official start of the Yuna brand in Iran and the import of this company's waterbase varnishes
A joint appearance of Yuna and Sanobar in the printing and publishing exhibition

spruce   Collection Policy

From the very beginning, the policy of Samobar Group was to promote collective thinking and teamwork spirit among the personnel. The continuous emphasis of the managers on using creative ideas both in the field of presentation and in the sales process is one of the distinctive features of Sobar, and this always, in addition to increasing the speed of moving forward, creates a spirit of teamwork and support among the younger forces and in The result has been the emergence of a space for the individual and collective growth of the brand and personnel in a combined form.


Every product traces from spurce

After two decades of the group's activity and observing the needs and opportunities in the printing market, big decisions were being made in Sobar. It was about products whose vacancies were strongly felt in the market, but on the contrary, from the suppliers' side. There was no special attention given to them, and of course, problems such as unprecedented international sanctions had narrowed the field for activities on them. But the Sobar think room was formed with the aim of meeting the basic and sensitive needs of the market, and finally with the knowledge He made a big decision from all the existing obstacles. 

Based on this, the first specialized commercial product of poplar was formed. Spruce thermal cellophane...