Based on the speculations, it seems that the next year’s salaries of the government employees will reach 6 million tomans.

Online economy, this estimate is proposed by experts based on three effective components. These three components are the annual inflation rate, the figure of the subsistence basket and the number considered for the minimum salary of government employees.

During the past years, the minimum wage of workers has not been less than the minimum salary of employees, so it is expected that according to the figure of 5.6 approved for the minimum salary of government employees, the salary of workers will be higher than this number.

Hamid Haj Esmaili, a labor market expert, pointed out a rare event in determining the livelihood basket and stated: This year, the figure of the subsistence basket has been determined with the direct intervention of the government.

That is, the government took the cost figures from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and directly played a role in determining the figure of the livelihood basket. Therefore, unlike the previous years until now, the figure of the livelihood basket is with the government’s opinion and approved by the government.

He added: Because the new wage rate creates an inflationary burden; The salary meetings are practically stopped until March 15, and negotiations will continue in the second half of March. This shows that the issue of determining the minimum wage in the Supreme Labor Council lacks bargaining processes.

Haj Esmaili recalled: Usually, the salary that is determined in a standard way in the world; Meetings in the form of trade union roundtables, regional negotiations and workshop negotiations between workers, workers and the government have been followed up to reach a final result. But in Iran, salary bargaining is not done in this way. What has been experienced so far is that the government finally determines the salary figure.

According to him, although the representatives of workers and employers hold many discussions about the wage, it is the government that finally announces a figure and forces both parties to sign the proposed figure.

He continued: In the past, experience has shown that for some time the parties did not accept and sign the proposed salary, but finally they were forced to sign. Until last year, when we had the process of determining the livelihood basket by the council; Finally, the salary was determined by the government.

Haj Esmaili stated that the next year’s salary can be estimated based on several components and explained: One of these components is the minimum salary set for government employees. In the 1401 budget bill, the government had proposed 4.5 million tomans for the next year’s minimum salary, but in the consolidation commission, this number increased to 5.6 million tomans.

Because the figure set for workers’ wages has always been higher than the minimum set for employees’ salaries in the past years; It does not seem that the salary set for next year will be less than 5.6 million tomans.

اThe protest of the government employees about increasing the salaries of the employees gave results
This labor market expert emphasized: the protests that various government employees, including the judiciary employees, had on salary determination this year; It influenced the opinion of the parliament and caused the representatives to increase the minimum salary to 5.6 million tomans.

Haj Esmaili emphasized that this figure is almost fixed and stated: I don’t think the Guardian Council has any other opinion on this figure.

According to him, in the Supreme Labor Council, we have wage determination based on three components. The first is the annual inflation, the second is the subsistence basket figure, and the third is the figure determined for the minimum salary of government employees, according to which workers’ salaries should not be lower than the minimum salary of government employees. Therefore, 5.6 million Tomans have been fixed for next year’s salary.

Haj Esmaili noted: What workers’ representatives should do; Bargaining for higher salary increases. That is, according to the determination of the poverty line and the livelihood basket, they should try to determine higher salary figures. Increasing the salaries of employees

Based on this, I think it is unlikely that next year’s workers’ wages will be lower than 5.6 million tomans, and at the same time, I am optimistic that the minimum salary increase will reach 6 million tomans. Currently, both the inflation rate and the figure of the subsistence basket and the figure set for the minimum salary of government employees make it necessary to bargain for higher figures.


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