Offset Printing Blankets

Acuma printing cylinder blanket produced in Italy is most widely used in printing magazines, newspapers, catalogs and luxury packaging cylinder printing in 2 dimensions 1) 2.5 sheets 2) ... more

Senolith wb coating

All kinds of German waterbase varnishes With Yuna Waterbase Varnish, you can benefit from a protective, shiny and transparent layer without worrying about work adhesion, and this product ... more

Compound Royal MC

ROYAL MC It is a vegetable oil based foil ink used for general purpose printing on various substrates. such as papers for art applications and medium quality papers. ... more

Mapa anti-solvent gloves

Its high quality and acceptable resistance are used in the chemical industries of dyeing and various stages of the printing process. Due to its special material, this product ... more

Types of Italian matrices

The perfect performance of this 30 degree slanted product is to facilitate the work quickly when passing through the cardboard. Also, the adhesive system is strong and easily ... more